Diego, a 19 year old Xicano. Bay Area. Just chill.C/S



little latinx things:

*family member invites themselves over to your house*

*says they will be there by 2pm*

*4pm and still not there*

*finally calls @ 5pm ‘fijate que *insert bs excuse* ya llegamos en una hora’*

*almost 7pm and still not here yet*

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when yo mama comes home and the atmosphere of fun and relaxation leaves the house 


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not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

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The Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans, all dark-skinned Indian people, had a highly developed culture here in America, in what is now Mexico and northern South America. These people had mastered agriculture at the time when European white people were still living in mud huts and eating weeds. But white children, or black children, or grown-ups here today in America don’t get to read this in the average books they are exposed to. Malcolm X (via american-radical)

Know your ancestry. The Asiatic Black Man is the original man and we will reclaim what’s been stolen from us.

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chopping king 

I was just a youngin back then choppin

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